Next Steps

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As we all work towards moving post Covid19, its time to start looking closely at your business and what steps you should take to ensure your business can strengthen post the pandemic.

Be aware of upcoming trends so that you can invest only in products which will return you profitable margin and good stock turn over. This will ensure that you stay relevant to your customer and are only spending money where it is necessary for your business. 
Download The Natural Diamond Council Style Guide here.

The state of Retail. A survey conducted by Podium reveals how businesses have adapted and consumers are adjusting to new buying behaviours.
Read the full report here.

Stay up to date with Job Keeper package announcements and changes to time frames.

Job Keeper
Under the JobKeeper payment, businesses impacted by COVID-19 will be able to access a subsidy to continue paying their employees. The Government will provide a fortnightly payment of $1500 per eligible employee until 27 September 2020.

Instant Asset Write Off
The increased instant asset write-off has been extended to 31 December 2020. This means that eligible businesses can continue to invest in assets that cost less than $150,000 each.

Regional Business
The Australian Government has committed more than $4.7 million to provide small regional businesses affected by COVID-19 with access to free and confidential financial counselling.

Communicate with your customers new or revised opening hours. Update your:
- Google Listing
- Website
- Social Media Platforms
- Email Signatures

Build your communication plan for the next month, 3 months and then year. This will inevitably change, however having a plan in place ensure that you are structured about how you use your channels of communication so you don't waste time or money creating content.
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Leasing Support

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Jones Harley Toole's legal team has written a helpful document regarding new regulations around commercial leasing. They have made this document available for us HERE.
Or Visit Jones Harley Toole.

Guide for Employers

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Jones Harley Tool, has compiled a support document to assist employers with new legislation regarding their employees.
Download the guide HERE.
Or Visit Jones Harley Toole.

With so many changes to our working lives, there are a range of significant challenges for employers who are trying their best to keep their staff and look after their wellbeing.
A guide for employers in this time has been compiled by Business SA, please see below.
Download handy guide.

Communicating with your customers

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It is now more important than ever to reach out to your customers and let them know you are still in business. Here are some steps to cover to ensure that you look open for business:
- Update your website with open times. 
- Post to your social media 
- Contact customers you are doing work for currently and reassure them that you are still open for business. 
- Send out an email to your database telling your customers what your work situation is.

Government Support

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30th March - JobKeeper Package
The Federal Government has announced a wage subsidy package for those who have lost 30% or more of their income through Covid19 effects.
The payment of $1500 per fortnight will be paid to the employer to pass onto the employee. Eligible businesses include Sole Traders with a turn over of less than $1bn who have lost more than 30% of their revenue.