Exhibit at the Summit

The Jewellery Industry Summit will bring together businesses from all over Australia, specifically geared towards enhancing and supporting businesses in the jewellery industry. 

Why Exhibit?

Promote your company

Whether you are already in the industry, new to the market or expanding into it, be seen as an industry player and open your business up to a range of new opportunities. 

Generate new leads

Nothing beats face-to-face business in a relaxed environment where the buyers come to you. In two days of exhibition you will connect with more potential clients and build relationships with them, than your sales team could in months.

Highly targeted marketing

In the months leading up the show and during the event itself, a comprehensive marketing campaign will be implemented to attract a high-quality audience of industry professionals. 

Connect with Jewellers Co.

The Jewellery Industry Summit is supported by Jewellers Co, the largest networking group in the Jewellery Industry in Australia. The Young Jewellers Group has 6200 active members, all of which will be contacted multiple times prior to the event. 

Multiple points of exposure

By exhibiting at the summit, your business will be part of a range of networking events where industry members will discuss business, future challenges and forge relationships. 

Become a trusted industry supplier

As an expert in business services, your company can be positioned as a primary go to when jewellery businesses are in need. Become a prefered supplier to thousands, by first introducing yourself at the Summit.